Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Sunday, September 24, 2023

Deutsche Börse Introduces Cloud-Based Service 

Deutsche Börse today announced the introduction of a new cloud-based service for the delivery of historical market data. The new service, “Data on Demand,” grants clients direct access via internet to a high performance database of historical trade data from trading venues Xetra and Eurex, as well as Deutsche Börse index data.

“Cloud-based services like Data on Demand provide users with a cost-effective and efficient option to meet their data needs without directly investing in infrastructure,” said Sascha Rangoonwala, Head of Back Office Data + Services, Deutsche Börse. “Our new offering allows financial analysts, developers of financial applications and vendors to get fast and flexible access to historical trading data for backtesting and analyses.”

Market data can be ordered manually via an internet front end and downloaded directly. There also is an HTTP-based, application programming interface (API) available. With this API data can be used in client-specific applications like tools for analysis, business intelligence solutions and spreadsheets. Inquiries can be automated and data can be downloaded as needed.

Data on Demand will reduce the latency time for obtaining data as well as infrastructure costs for the storage of large data volume.