Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Sunday, September 24, 2023

Vello Systems Announces Partnership With Splunk 

Vello Systems today announced that it has entered into a technology partner agreement with Splunk Inc. to provide enhanced monitoring and analytics of enterprise network performance through Splunk Enterprise. Vello Systems will demo the integration at .conf2013, the fourth annual Splunk Worldwide Users' Conference.

The VellOS 7.0 network operating system is the central piece of Vello's Open Networking Platform, a software-defined programmable application platform that enables the network to act as a dynamic pool of resources for ever-changing application requirements. FarSight by Vello is a template for Splunk Enterprise written to VellOS. In this collaboration, VellOS will use OpenFlow to collect statistics on individual flows within the shared bandwidth on switch ports and stitch them together to provide Splunk Enterprise with metrics on end-to-end services and real-time insight into the health of the network visualized via the FarSight template. Splunk software correlates OpenFlow networking statistics with machine data from applications and other infrastructure elements to provide cross-silo actionable intelligence.

The template initially views application and network statistics to understand their respective states under normal load. Once baseline behavior is established it simulates an unanticipated low-priority database backup that causes switch link saturation and degradation of enterprise application performance. By understanding the real-time flow and switch port bandwidth, flows per switch and allocated capacity, administrators can immediately respond to the demands that the application is placing on the network.