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Green Risk Management Cloud Over Iceland 

RMS, a large catastrophe risk modeling firm, announced the company is deploying its RMS Cloud via a partnership with Verne Global and Datapipe. Located in Iceland, Verne Global's eco-friendly datacenter will host RMS(one), which according to the firm is the insurance industry's first real-time exposure and risk management environment. The solution is primed to empower insurers and reinsurers with mission-critical tasks, such as risk modeling, underwriting and portfolio management.

"With RMS(one) running on the RMS Cloud we are giving our customers unprecedented freedom, business agility and competitive advantage by allowing them to execute on their entire exposure and risk management strategies," said Bobby Soni, chief platform and services officer at RMS. "RMS(one) offers the industry's first secure, reliable and scalable computing platform coupled with big data infrastructure, which streamlines our customers' modeling, underwriting and portfolio management processes."

The combined expertise of Verne Global and IT services provider Datapipe set the stage for a unique green cloud that delivers renewably-powered green computing for RMS' exposure and risk management environment. RMS(one) will leverage Datapipe's Stratosphere HPC cloud for peak loads.

Datapipe, an EPA Green Power Partner, selected Verne Global's datacenter campus as the green cloud node for its Stratosphere HPC platform so that customers, like RMS, could build out their large-scale processing environments with the the assurance of on-demand scalability, reliability and security.

RMS One 400xThe explosion in big data analytics has companies looking to novel computing solutions that are powerful but energy-efficient. The distinct location of the Verne Global datacenter, in Iceland, gives it an unprecedented opportunity to offer reliable green computing power.

"Data-intensive, power-hungry services like big data analytics and high-performance computing are becoming ideal cloud-based applications as the quality and quantity of data continues to grow," observed Jeff Monroe, chief executive officer of Verne Global. "With aging power grids and rising concerns about the environmental impact of data, Verne Global is thrilled that innovative companies like Datapipe and RMS are tapping into the abundant and available renewable power offered through our data center campus."

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