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DDN Targets Big Data Workloads with WOS 

News Facts

  • DataDirect Networks (DDN) is enabling organizations dealing with web-scale and Big Data challenges to make huge strides towards storing, accessing, searching and managing any amount of data at any scale with the newest release of the company's distributed object-based storage technology, Web Object Scaler (WOS®) 3.0 and new WOS7000 object storage appliance.
  • WOS technology extends DDN's leadership in deploying storage for the world's most demanding applications with an object storage software and hardware stack designed to deliver rapid on-premise cloud storage, self-service access to data and accelerated time to insight.
  • With WOS technology, customers now have an alternative to expensive "pay-as-you-go" public cloud storage services[i], as using DDN's linearly-scalable, global storage platform can slash total cost of data storage by more than 50 percent.
  • In contrast to conventional file storage technologies, WOS storage can support and manage more files than any other storage system, shattering scalability limitations by enabling the federation of WOS clusters of up to 983 petabytes and 32 trillion unique objects.
  • Without the burden of file system bottlenecks, federated WOS technology can deliver more than 200x performance increases over the current peak performance of even the largest public cloud storage services. This includes object retrieval of 256 million objects per second, throughput of over 10 terabytes per second with object retrieval latency of less than 50 milliseconds.
  • WOS 3.0 represents the culmination of more than five years of investment into scalability breakthroughs to support the largest cloud and data-intensive computing applications and lays the foundation for DDN's continuing advancements in at-scale, next-generation data protection, resiliency and management.

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Speed Intelligent Decision-Making, Collaboration and Time-to-Insight from Big Data

  • WOS 3.0 supports parallel search of user-defined metadata across a distributed WOS cloud of as many as 8,000 WOS cluster nodes. Now, users can immediately index and contextualize petabytes of data in milliseconds versus days, transforming data into information so they can make rapid, intelligent business decisions.
  • A fundamental shift in the storage paradigm is at work as WOS technology now integrates with DDN's GRIDScaler parallel file storage system, powered by DDN's high performance Storage Fusion Architecture® (SFA) storage array technology to tier data from file-based workflows into a simple, scalable WOS archive. This gives users object storage and file storage on a single scale-out platform, where data can be archived for disaster recovery or worked on via a "follow the sun" model, maximizing data protection, organizational productivity and speeding time-to-insight.

Scalability and Performance without Complexity

  • A combination of software integrated into high-efficiency, high-density WOS7000 storage appliance hardware, WOS technology can be managed from a single interface to reduce administrative complexity and drive down the total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Unlike conventional file storage solutions, WOS multi-cluster configuration enables WOS to scale to any dimension as each cluster can support up to 1 trillion objects across 256 WOS object storage servers.  A cluster of 32 federated WOS clusters can be architected into a single storage environment capable of servicing over 32 trillion unique object IDs without slowing performance or adding complexity to the environment.
  • Major performance enhancements are achieved through the architectural design of WOS technology which eschews conventional file system protocols and bottlenecks and aggregates petabytes of data, while intelligently protecting data either with erasure coding and synchronous/asynchronous replication or a hybrid combination of the two.
  • A full implementation of the object storage driver eliminates the need for local file systems and enables the object storage cluster to write native objects directly and contiguously to disk, which eliminates fragmentation, increases performance utilization by up to 10x versus Linux file system-based solutions[ii], and ensures 99 percent disk capacity utilization.

Improving Long-Term Data Storage TCO

  • Preconfigured for rapid deployment, the WOS7000 appliance powered by WOS 3.0 software comes fully assembled and ready to run production workloads with minimal configuration, removing the guesswork and risk from deploying cloud storage, reducing management overhead, and providing rapid time to value from storage investments.
  • A next-generation object storage technology, the WOS solution is highly versatile, efficient and robust, and offers up to 33 percent more data center capacity versus previous WOS offerings. With over 2.5PB of capacity in a single data center rack, the latest version provides additional savings by minimizing the costs to power, cool and manage the system.


  • WOS 3.0 and WOS7000 appliance are scheduled for general availability in September 2013.