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DCE Announces New Additions to Its Evo-POD Modular Datacenter Range 

Data City Exchange (DCE) has announced new 12- and 24-rack high density versions of the Evo-POD to sit alongside its existing 96- and 48-rack standard designs in the range. 

LONDON, Aug. 16 — Data City Exchange (DCE), the innovative data centre solutions provider, has today announced new 12- and 24-rack high density versions of the Evo-POD to sit alongside their existing 96- and 48-rack standard designs in the range.

Created by DCE as a true, future-proofed alternative to a 'bricks and mortar' data centre, the Evo-POD is the world's most scalable low power usage effectiveness (PUE) modular data centre, featuring a highly flexible resilient power and cooling solution as used in the multi award winning ARM data centre project installed by DCE's Evo-POD delivery partner, 2bm, in Cambridge in 2012.

Evo-POD is now available globally to customers either at DCE campus sites, such as Central Exchange Birmingham, in third party facilities and at customer proprietary sites, and can be integrated into existing buildings or alternatively deployed as a standalone external data centre. Unlike pre-fabricated container data centres, the Evo-POD, is built on site and can be bespoke designed to customer requirements and rapidly deployed within 20 weeks.

The innovative modular cooling design of the Evo-POD allows for a higher density of rack space and the 12- and 24-rack versions are designed up to 300kW and 600kW respectively, providing 25kW per rack average (with individual racks able to go up to 27.5kW).

Like the larger 48- and 96-rack Evo-POD, the 12- and 24-series are scalable and upgradable within the same footprint. For example, a 24-rack Evo-POD could be delivered as 200kW initially with the ability to seamlessly scale up to 400kW and 600kW, within the same 24-rack footprint, allowing for future increased cooling capacity demands.

"The 12- and 24-rack Evo-POD have been created in response to market demand for smaller more powerful data centre modules particularly with the increased demand for high performance computing (HPC)," said John Eland, CEO of DCE. "The flexibility of Evo-POD is a major USP against our competitors. Outside of our standard range, customers still order bespoke versions customised to their exact size, power and cooling requirements and can even specify their own choice of hardware manufacturers' kit which we will engineer and integrate into the final solution."

DCE has built a full size 96-rack Evo-POD facility at its flagship tier 3 Central Exchange campus site in Birmingham allowing prospective customers to view an Evo-POD and test hardware, software and latency in a live environment prior to making any form of commitment.


Source: DCE