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Green Power Offsets Launches Website to Help Offset Electricity Consumption 

Green Power Offsets provides a way for individuals and businesses to offset electricity consumption with renewable energy credits from the wind farm of their choice from a list of participating US-based locations.

HOUSTON, Aug. 12 — Green Power Offsets is proud to announce the launch of its business and online presence at The company provides an easy way for individuals and businesses to offset electricity consumption with renewable energy credits from the wind farm of their choice from a list of participating U.S.-based locations. Customers are also able to keep their existing utility electricity provider.

"We started Green Power Offsets to try to make it easier for customers across the country to offset their energy consumption. The market for green power is still fragmented, and – depending on where a customer lives – their options to support renewable energy projects are very limited," said Green Power Offsets Manager, Stephan Blasilli. "We built a way for consumers anywhere in the United States to support renewable energy projects while avoiding the hassle of switching energy providers."

Green Power Offsets provides consumers the choice to offset the energy consumption of their home, business, event, or even just the amount of energy consumed by their cell phone or computer through the purchase of Renewable Energy Credits. Renewable Energy Credits, commonly known as RECs, are the environmental attributes of electricity produced by a wind farm. One REC is created for every 1,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity generated by a wind farm. Although both the renewable energy credit and the power are frequently sold together, they are separate products, and can be sold to different people. Only the person who buys the REC has the claim to the environmental, renewable aspects of energy created at the wind farm.

Through research into the average life cycle electricity consumption for cell phones, televisions, computers, and other products, Green Power Offsets has created tailored REC products to offset the electricity consumed by the devices that power our lives. In addition to the REC, Green Power Offsets' customers receive a certificate confirming their purchase that includes information about the customer's selected wind farm source. Green Power Offsets' products are offered at competitive prices because its parent company, EDP Renewables North America LLC, is the owner and operator of one of the largest wind farm fleets in North America. With Green Power Offsets, the average American home can now offset its energy consumption for less than eight dollars per month.

Green Power Offsets

Green Power Offsets, a subsidiary of EDP Renewables North America LLC, is a new company with the goal of expanding availability of affordably-priced, single-sourced renewable energy credits (RECs) to individuals and both small and medium-sized businesses in order to connect more people directly to the wind farms that are powering the green energy revolution. For more information about Green Power Offsets, call Stephan Blasilli at (713) 265-0359, visit, or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.


Source: Green Power Offsets

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